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End of Line Test, Automotive Test,
and Product Test Equipment
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Product testing and End of Line
Vehicle Component Test Systems.

World-class integration of electronic test equipment, instrumentation, test fixtures, automation, load simulation, data acquisition, and software .

In partnership with two major leaders in high-technology automation, three very capable machine shops, a custom cabling company, a rapid prototype circuit board fabrication house and two large automated sheet metal manufacturing facilities we offer custom process and test equipment designed and manufactured for convenience and precision. Each component of our systems is carefully considered to provide you with maximum performance consistent with easy maintainability and long term return on your investment.

We design and manufacture solutions for:

  • Component testing

  • Assembly testing

  • Systems testing

  • Prototype testing

  • Product handling

  • Product assembly

System Test Control Console Front View. System Test Control Console Rear View. Compressor Calorimeter Front View. Compressor Calorimeter Detail View.

Our equipment is selected to perform:

  • Evaluation of Design for Manufacturability

  • Evaluation of Design for Testability

  • Product Debug, Test, and Validation

  • Prototype Evaluation

  • Engineering Feasibility Analysis

  • Product Quality Assurance

We are expert in electronics, instrumentation, data acquisition, sensors, process control, communications, software, fluid mechanics, mechanisms, refrigeration, cryogenics, high vacuum, heat transfer, hydraulics, material handling, sheet metal, structures, electrical wiring, piping, motors, and automation. Using these skills, we provide a broad range of possible technologies you can apply to your needs.

We use the latest engineering tools including AutoCAD and AutoDesk Inventor, a 3D package, to design and package your system.

Dewpoint Sensor Control Array. VXI Data Acquisition System. Dual Console System Test Room Monitoring Equipment. Precision Pressure Sensor Array.

Please request a free analysis of your needs. You may also wish to review our Request for TetraTek Application Assistance on our Literature Page . Additional information on our Automation capabilities is contained on our Factory Automation and Robotic Handling Equipment Page.

Additional information on Automotive Testing, Vehicle Testing, and Emissions Testing Equipment can be viewed on our " Automotive Test " page of this web site.

Product Fixturing and Monitoring:

In addition to complete systems, we provide the accessories you need to conveniently power, connect, load and monitor your products.

You can download PDF Document examples of projects that involved fixturing. If you don't have an Adobe PDF File viewer, please see our Literature Page to Download a free viewer.

As part of our service, we design and manufacture the custom components and assemblies you need to complete your testing suite.

Test Fixture handling cart. Automobile Radio Test Cart. Custom Test Cabling with Teflon Wire.

Accessory Check List:

Some of the items we commonly create are listed here to act as a check list when you are thinking about your own testing needs.

  • Electrical and fluid connectors and adapters.

  • High life and high current connector arrays.

  • Insulated wall feed-throughs and extender boards.

  • Mother boards.

Product Test Load Board. VXI Data Acquisition System Distribution Boards. Product Connection Cabling Box.

  • Distribution circuit boards with Molex to product pendants.

  • Power supply distribution panels.

  • Sensor housings and flow pre-conditioners.

  • Environmentally rated stainless steel and aluminum card cages.

  • 3-Axis vibration card cages and fixtures.

  • Test fixture carriers with hydraulic or electric lifts.

  • Product connector insertion and retraction mechanisms.

  • Environmentally rated roll-in product test racks.

  • Product passive and dynamic load simulation boards.

  • Product monitoring electronics.

  • Test termination cable boxes and connectors.

  • Automatic product loading and unloading equipment.

  • Acoustic, thermal, and safety protection enclosures.

  • Product processing trays and holders.

  • Power supplies and bus bars.

Product Test Long Life Connector and Feed-Through Board. Product Test Load Board. Rapid Change Product Test Fixture. Fluid turbulator and temperature sensor housing.

As part of your testing team, we can provide you with complete testing facilities, project management, or the engineering necessary to allow you to do the work yourself.

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