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Automotive Calorimeter Testing
and Instrumentation Systems
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Vehicle Calorimeters, Emissions Test Systems, and Instrumentation

When you examine a TetraTek Automotive Test System you will know you have seen the future. Simply stated, we offer the most carefully considered, best engineered, and most reliable systems available. Everything from fully integrated Drive-in Emission test rooms with four-wheel dynamometers, solar simulation, high volume variable air flow, and temperature and humidity control to individual pieces of equipment and subsystems needed to upgrade existing facilities.

Drive-in Emission Test Control Room.

Drive-in Emission Test Room Interior. Seat Air Conditioning and Cooling Test Enclosure. Engine Module and Load Board Thermal Test Cart.

We smoothly blend multi-discipline engineering and systems integration. Our products are intended for use with automobiles, utility vehicles, trucks and minivans. We provide equipment built to rigorous standards for fully operational vehicles and for their individual subsystems such as:

  • Engine control modules

  • Brake modules

  • Air Bag modules

  • Seating systems evaluation

  • Lighting systems

  • Air conditioning compressors

  • Radiators

  • Radios

Examples of some of our work

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Please see our Walk-in Room page for additional information on our large scale chamber capabilities, our Environmental Chamber page for additional information on our thermal and refrigerated systems work, and our Product Test page for additional information on our Systems Integration skills.

Please request a free analysis of your needs. You may also wish to review our Request for TetraTek Application Assistance on our Literature Page .

Emissions Test Room Machinery. Emissions Test Room Enclosure.

We also offer testing subsystems such as precision temperature controlled fluid supplies, mobile test carts, refrigerant pre-cooled and recirculating desiccant low humidity air supplies, and ASHRAE ( American Society of Heating and Refrigerating Engineers ) air conditioning test systems as described in ASHRAE's Standards and Guidelines.

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