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Vibration Fixtures from TetraTek's VibraTek Division
HALT and HASS Testing
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Magnesium and Aluminum Vibration Test Fixtures

Experience the difference our third generation SuperClamp III TM , Vibration Fixtures make in consistently and accurately transferring vibration to your electronic circuit boards.

For production testing, select versatile TetraTek vibration test card cages or vibration fixtures for consistently reproducible results.

Precisely position your heavy test fixtures inside environmental enclosures such as older AGREE Chambers and newer Accelerated Stress Screening Chambers with our versatile Chamber Fixture Lifts and move your products around your test lab with our maneuverable Fixture Carriers.

Retain your test fixtures without bolts using one of our time saving Vibration Vacuum Hold-Down Plates and Vacuum Pumping Stations.

Our VibraTek TM Division manufactures precision machined, magnesium, and aluminum vibration fixtures with stainless steel and aluminum hardware. These fixtures feature TetraTek developed clamps, retainers, connectors, circuit boards, and cable sets to provide you with the ideal testing arrangement for your products while they are tested for HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) response.

Mother board test fixture. Circuit board vibration test card cages. Computer board vibration test fixture.

Our Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) fixtures are rated to withstand an amazing 100 Grms vibration level and temperature change rates of up to 100 C per minute over a temperature range of -65 to 150 C. HALT testing progressively stresses your product using both vibration and temperature cycling until you understand the limits and characteristic modes of thermal and vibration failure. After you have modified your product to eliminate the obvious modes of failure, HASS testing helps you to eliminate marginal products likely to fail early while passing the acceptable units with as little degradation in life as possible.

Please request a free analysis of your needs. You may also wish to review our Request for TetraTek Application Assistance on our Literature Page . Additional information on our test fixturing and product testing capabilities is contained on our TestKing Page and additional information on our Environmental Test Equipment capabilities is contained on our Environmental Page.

Optimized to Withstand the Extreme Environments

Our Highly Accelerated Stress Testing production fixtures are optimized to withstand the extreme environments typical in Stress Screening Environmental Chambers and older AGREE Chambers while efficiently transferring vibration to your test objects.

Electrical enclosure vibration fixture. Disk Drive Vibration Test Fixture. Medical electronics vibration test fixture.

Baseplates are manufactured from machined magnesium or anodized aluminum. Baseplates made from non-metallics such as G-10 (circuit board material) and acrylic composite are also available. All baseplates include integral lifting grooves, slots, or attached black anodized aluminum lifting handles.

Product support structures are fabricated from contour matched black anodized aluminum.

Also offered are product fixtures made from VibraTek TM , vibration rated flexible construction anodized aluminum extrusions. These structures are typically used for large box enclosed test items.

Vibration coupling is achieved with precision cut silicone gaskets retained in matched contoured cavities. Products are held in place by vibration rated stainless steel quick release clamps, VibraTek TM slide action clamps, VibraTek TM SuperClamp TM Screw Piers and product specific milled compression caps with quick release knurled fasteners or clamps. All hardware is normally 300 series stainless steel.

You can specify features such as positioning pins, lifting eyes, test item cable sets, antistatic grounding jacks, board first mate pins, vibration rated electrical connectors, and roll-around carrier adapters.

Multiple position vibration test fixture. Computer board vibration fixture. Electronic component vibration test fixture.

We can also furnish you with complete production testing solutions including multiple matched or interrelated test fixtures, environmentally rated Stress Screening Chamber fixture loading lifts, chamber thermal diaphragms, product pretest stations to verify proper operation prior to testing, data acquisition equipment to monitor your testing , and passive and dynamic loads to stress and verify your products under load.

Circuit Board Clamps for HALT and HASS Testing

Our VibraTek TM VSC SuperClamp TM Series III is an integrated, fully matched, and interchangeable set of HALT and HASS circuit board retaining clamps designed to conveniently hold your circuit boards in place. You can select any combination of SuperClamps TM and they all align at the same height above your vibration table testing surface.

Products in this Series include:

  • VSC100-III Long Tail 4-40, 6-32 and 8-32 Screw Pier.

  • VSC105-III Short Tail 4-40, 6-32 and 8-32 Screw Pier.

  • VSC150-III T-Nose Long Tail Flexible Toggle Clamp.

  • VSC300-III Long Tail Dual Flat Toggle Clamp.

  • VSC305-III Short Tail Dual Flat Toggle Clamp.

  • VSC400-III Sliding Toggle Clamp

  • VSC500-III Dual Vertical Board Support Clamp

VSC100 Super Clamp with spare piers. VSC105 Super Clamp with spare piers. VSC150 Super Clamp.

Our SuperClamps TM are designed to mount on the surface of your shaker utilizing the shaker s standard 3/8"-16 mounting holes. By carefully selecting the correct clamp and aligning your product appropriately, almost any circuit board can be successfully tested utilizing its built-in mounting holes and edges.

VSC300 Super Clamp. VSC305 Super Clamp. VSC400 Super Clamp.

Typically, VSC100 and VSC105 SuperClamps TM are used for picking up interior mounting holes while one or more VSC300 s or VSC305 s are used to stimulate a card cage edge. One or more VSC150 s are used to hold small trace-free circuit board edges or VSC400 s are substituted for VSC150 s to fit into tight places. Two or more VSC500 s are used to support any larger vertical daughter boards. All of these clamps are rated for a maximum of 100 Grms and a temperature range of -65 to 150 C.

VSC500 Super Clamp assembly. VSC500 Super Clamp rods.

You can request copies of our individual bulletins on these clamps for additional details and mounting dimensions. We provide a free analysis of the best clamp mix for any particular product mounting problem. Please provide us with information on your shaker and an outline drawing of your product.

Super Clamp spare pier set. Stainless Steel Side Pier assembly. Point clamp assemblies. Vertical edge clamp assembly. Horizontal Edge Clamp Assembly.

We also offer 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-32 and Metric stainless steel mounting piers, side mount pier supports, mounted toggle clamps with custom clamping heads, vertical board cantilever slide support clamps, horizontal board cantilever edge support clamps, and custom clamps optimized to match your product or vibration machine.

Chamber Fixture to Lift and Lower Vibration Fixtures

Our VibraTek TM VCL75 Series Chamber Fixture Lifts are designed to lift and lower vibration fixtures onto the surface of your shaker and onto our VHC75 Series Fixture Carriers. The VCL75 s and the VHC75 s work with major Environmental Test Equipment manufacturer s AGREE and Stress Screening Chambers. These chambers typically have a space below the shaker with a silicone diaphragm separating the chamber workspace from the shaker area. Adaptors and custom fitted silicone diaphragms are offered for most chamber sizes and models.

Our standard VCL75 Fixture Lifts include:

  • Roller bearing slide-in and slide-out fixture support.

  • Hydraulic cylinders on each corner.

  • An electric hydraulic pump.

  • Antistatic banana jack type plugs for grounding.

  • Power return springs.

  • A black anodized aluminum structure.

  • Electrical lift interlocks.

  • Optional thermal protection for lift components.

VCL 75 4-Point Fixture Lift System.

Our standard VHC75 Fixture Carriers include:

  • Roller bearing slide-in and slide-out fixture support.

  • Hydraulic or lead screw lifts on each corner.

  • An manual-hydraulic pump or a manual lift crank.

  • Anti-static plugs for grounding your fixturing.

  • Conductive cushion guide wheels.

  • Wheel locks and brakes.

  • T-handle pins to retain fixtures when moving.

  • A black anodized aluminum structure.

  • Compound drawer type fixture extension.

  • Optional dual load per cart capability.

VCL 75 Fixture Carrier System Front View. VCL 75 Fixture Carrier System with extended slides. VCL 75 Fixture Carrier System Slide Stop.

Custom Fixture Carriers and Fixture Lifts are available.

Vacuum Base Plates and Vacuum Pumping Stations

Our VVB35 series Vacuum Base Plates bolt-down over the surface of your shaker and allow quick attachment and removal of test fixtures and our VVP35 series Vacuum Pumping Stations provide the controls to conveniently operate the Base Plate.

Vibration Vacuum Base Plate Vacuum Pump Acoustic Enclosure. TetraTek Vacuum Pumping Station

VVB35 Vacuum Base Plates typically allow fixture operation from about 10 Grms up to approximately 55 Grms depending on shaker load mass and head size. VVP35 Vacuum Pumping Stations can optionally include oil-less vacuum pumps, acoustic enclosures, interlocks to chamber and vibration controls, and vibration sensing electronics.

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