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Factory Automation Systems
and Robotic Handling Equipment
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Custom automation equipment and assembly machinery

Automated test equipment, precision positioning robots, stepper motor, and servo motor mechanisms in support of testing and repetitive manufacturing from TetraTek Products, Inc.

3-Axis Servo Motor Driven Gimbal System. Custom Robot vertical drive system. Cable positioning system mechanism.

Designed for today's technologically advanced environment, we offer proven, carefully tested solutions for:

  • High-accuracy automation

  • Product positioning

  • Automated assembly

  • Automated test (ATE)

  • Material handling

  • Integration of Scara and Cartesian robots.

  • Cleanroom automation

  • Control systems

  • Software

  • Vision and inspection systems.

  • Automated electrical connection

  • Laser marking and laser cutting

Please request a free analysis of your needs. You may also wish to review our Request for TetraTek Application Assistance on our Literature Page . Additional information on our test fixturing and product testing capabilities is contained on our TestKing Page and additional information on our Environmental Temperature Chambers, Humidity Chambers, Burn-in Chambers and Stress Screening Chambers is contained on our Environmental Page.

Product Assembly Station. Custom Precision Product Positioning Robot. Custom cassette fed Laser Marking System.

You can download PDF Document examples of projects that involved Robotic Handling. If you don't have an Adobe PDF File viewer, please see our Literature Page to Download a free viewer.

Product Positioning Robot. Nitrogen purged hose reel system. Long travel precision positioning system.


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