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Custom Software for SCADA, MES,
PID, HMI, and PLC's
from TetraTek Products, Inc.
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PLC Code Programming Screen. PLC Programming Ladder Diagram.

Custom software programming:

The dependable source for custom software and factory authorized automation integration of Allen Bradley, Koyo (Automation Direct), Aromat NAIS (Panasonic), Minarik, and many other Programmable Logic Controls and automation devices, we are a leader in developing cost effective and practical solutions to real world process control, production, and testing problems.

We specialize in systems with:

  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
  • MES ( Manufacturing Execution Systems)
  • PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) closed loop process control
  • HMI (Human Machine Interfaces)
  • Sensors
  • Motion
  • Robots
  • Vision
  • Motors
  • Mechanisms and Precision Machinery
  • Lasers
  • Process machinery
  • Automated Equipment
  • Personal computers
  • Network communication including Ethernet
  • Data monitoring, trending, and historical data storage.

Allen Bradley Series 5 PLC. Allen Bradley Trademark Logo.

Optimize your manufacturing process or test protocol with repeatable programmable logic controls or industrial personal computer logic control software and hardware. We provide complete software and hardware solutions. We write carefully documented, custom, programmable logic control (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI) software to your specifications. We furnish program event and process based, real time personal computer (PC), integrated software and hardware packages. We even create special Microsoft Visual Basic or machine code programs to optimize your system or process performance, communications, or data storage.


Control your unusual, multi-channel SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) input or output process using one of our programmable logic control (PLC) algorithms. Display a single computed factor derived from several sensors using one of our custom Excel functions, Microsoft Visual Basic algorithms, and predefined lookup or conversion tables.

Take advantage of the data stored in your industrial databases and available at your process controls. We are Serial (EIA-232/422/485) and Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T network communications experts. We connect your test equipment, factory level machines, and process systems to each level of your organization over dedicated networks or the Internet.

Improve your factory and quality control insight with custom Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. We write applications to integrate Microsoft Excel with your external data sources and processes. We create macros and functions to efficiently show the information in the format best suited to your needs. We produce programs to provide human machine interfaces (HMI), post processing, and data storage on personal computers.

Please request a free analysis of your needs. You may also wish to review our Request for TetraTek Application Assistance on our Literature Page . Additional information on our Automation capabilities is contained on our Factory Automation and Robotic Handling Equipment Page.

Aromat PLC. Aromat Definite Purpose PLC. Aromat Panasonic Trademark Logo.

We offer first rate:

  • Software for programmable logic controls.
  • Machine level operating code.
  • Software for process instrument monitoring.
  • Multi-channel Control software and PID algorithms.
  • Human machine interface code and display layout.
  • Touch screen, LCD and PC based HMI s.
  • Devices for EIA-232/422/485 and Ethernet communication.
  • Stepper and servo motor control systems.
  • MES Software for robot control.
  • Setup and programming of vision systems.
  • Control of laser marking and cutting systems.
  • PC to mainframe and mainframe to PC data packet formatting.
  • Instrument calibration data per ISO 9000.

Microsoft Office and Microsoft VBA (Visual Basic):

  • Excel spreadsheets arranged to your specifications.
  • Custom functions and macros.
  • Integration of Excel with external data sources and processes.
  • Automatic analysis of your data tables.
  • Programs to improve productivity or accuracy.
  • Coupling to database programs (e.g.: Microsoft Access).
  • PLC input and output coupling to your Excel Spreadsheets.
  • Data acquisition system integration with Excel Spreadsheets.

We also offer complete sensing, control, and monitoring systems (SCADA Systems) to exactly to meet your needs. Available sensors cover a wide range of options, from common devices such as temperature thermocouples and solid state pressure transducers to more unusual sensors like radiant flux and gas concentration. Our monitoring systems vary from high speed PXI and VXI data acquisition systems to a single sensor with a LAN. Most can be interfaced to the Internet for web browser access from almost anywhere.

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