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Environmental walk-in chambers

Chamber front with access door open. Side view of chamber showing facility connections.

State of the Art, mechanically refrigerated, walk-in and drive-in environmental test equipment rooms created to exactly match your requirements. In partnership with the leading manufacturer of prefabricated walk-in rooms in the Western United States, we offer the most modern and technically sophisticated, cooled, heated and humidity controlled, insulated structures available.

The TetraTek ColdMaster Walk-in Room is a stainless steel interior sectional urethane foam enclosure refined to optimize your testing experience. These chambers provide the professional backdrop to show off your products and verify their proper operation in various temperature and humidity environments. They allow you to check proper system operation in a real world thermal, wet, or dry environment without leaving the comfort or security of your factory.

Each system is carefully considered to provide you with maximum performance consistent with easy maintainability and long term return on your investment.

Every component is selected for proven reliability and suitability. Machinery and instrumentation are industrial quality and high efficiency. Color digital displays, Ethernet communication, solid state sensors and instrumentation, automatic monitoring, programmability, and extra precautions for dependability in refrigeration and system performance are standard.

Each facility, matched to your requirements.

We invite you to request a free analysis of your needs.

Two channel HMI touch screen control panel.

Advanced Control:

  • Touch screen or PC based display.

  • PLC or software and PC Control.

  • Fully modulating cooling valves.

  • Digital record keeping.

  • Multiple high and low alarms.

  • Time stamp of system events.

  • Ethernet Interface.

  • Stored programmable profiles.

  • Complete Software listings.

Diagram of typical chamber construction. Room shown with Panels Exploded.

Advanced Construction:

  1. A heated frame in-fitting or flush sealed main door to positively seal the chamber workspace.

  2. TetraTek s exclusive, triple compartment (workspace, conditioning & machinery) construction.

  3. Factory pre-assembled conditioning packages slip right in on site.

  4. Industrial rated machinery packages mount directly to your concrete pad.

  5. A thermally sealed access door allows easy inspection and maintenance of system conditioning equipment.

  6. Touch screen color and PLC or PC-based software driven control systems automate record keeping and control.

  7. An acoustically isolating door with a large window helps keep machinery noise out of your laboratory.

Advanced Features:

  • Rigid interlocking panel, Underwriters Laboratories Certified, closed cell urethane foam insulation.

  • At least three heavy duty cam-action locks in each side wall.

  • Interior stainless steel 20-gauge wall and ceiling panels and 16-gauge floor panels rated at 650 PSF.

  • Exterior 24-gauge pre-painted galvanized steel wall panels with formed stainless steel floor trim coving.

  • Built-in gaskets between all panels with RTV sealant applied during chamber installation.

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Chamber interior view with airlock door. Machinery Room interior view. Electrical panel, shown open.

Standard Temperature Ranges are:

  • -0 to 60 C, single stage remote air or water-cooled refrigeration.

  • -0 to 85 C, single stage remote air or water-cooled refrigeration.

  • -20 to 85 C, single stage remote air or water-cooled refrigeration.

  • -30 to 85 C, single stage remote air or water-cooled refrigeration.

  • -65 to 85 C, cascade, two stage water cooled refrigeration.

Standard Humidity Ranges are:

  • No humidity capability, temperature only.

  • 20 to 95% RH, limited to 5 C dew point (mechanical dehumidification).

  • 10 to 95% RH, limited to 0 C dew point (recirculating desiccant drier).

  • 5 to 95% RH limited to -5 C dew point (compressed air desiccant drier).

Standard access door Sizes are:

  • 30-inches wide x 78-inches high clear.

  • 34-inches wide x 78-inches high clear.

  • 42-inches wide x 78-inches high clear.

  • 60-inches wide x 78-inches high clear.

Standard interior workspace heights are:

  • 6 -10" inside. No inside suspended ceilings or air ducts available.

  • 7 -10" inside. Ceilings and ducts OK.

  • 8 -10" inside. Ceilings and ducts OK.

  • 9 -10" inside. Ceilings and ducts OK.

Standard interior workspace sizes are:

  • The smallest size available is 7 -6" wide by 7 -6"deep inside.

  • Sizes are available in increasing increments of 5.75-inches.

  • Maximum standard size is 42 -6" wide by 42 -6" deep.

  • Custom sizes are available.

  • Custom and larger projects require measurement of your site.

Optional airflow patterns include:

  • Fully perforated ceiling with lower rear wall air return.

  • Partial perforated ceiling with lower side wall return ducts.

  • Center ceiling supply duct with lower rear wall air return.

  • Center ceiling supply duct with lower side wall return ducts.

Optional Airlock door. Feedthrough with cover closed. Refrigeration pressure gauges.

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Available options include:

Doors Windows and Accessories:

  • Horizontally sliding power doors on Temperature Chambers above -20 C only.

  • Bi-parting doors on Temperature Chambers above -20 C only.

  • Clear Vinyl strip curtain interior doors on -0 to 60 C temperature models only.

  • Man access doors 30-inches by 78-inches in the workspace.

  • Dual door lighted airlock compartments for upset free man access during testing.

  • Heated 15-inch x 20-inch wide windows in the chamber side walls or doors.

  • Internal stainless steel cart bumper rails.

  • Exterior chamber corner and door crash guard reinforcement and protection.

  • Depressed floor to allow flush roll-in of test products. Requires a special slab.

  • Recessed interior vapor proof or fluorescent lights.

  • National Sanitation Foundation Standard Number 7 construction.


  • TetraTek exclusive square Plexi-glass feed-throughs on >-20 C models.

  • Permanent electrical and fluid bulkhead connectors.

  • Round feed-throughs with plugs in 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch sizes.

Conditioning Systems:

  • Variable speed PLC controlled air circulation blower motors.

  • Outside air injection with positive motorized valve isolation.

  • Compressed air desiccant drier dehumidification.

  • Recirculating regenerated air drier dehumidification.

  • TetraTek exclusive thermally clamped humidity generator system.

  • Direct humidity sensing process sensors.

  • Complete refrigeration gauges on all systems are Standard.

Test Fixturing and Instrumentation:

  • Stainless steel cantilever shelves, 16-inches or 20-inches wide.

  • Roll-in product carriers and handling systems.

  • Environmentally rated circuit board card cages.

  • Product load and test simulation electronics.

  • Ground fault electrical receptacles.

  • Product Ethernet and LAN connectors and cabling.

  • Electronic, fluid, and hydraulic test systems.

  • Data acquisition and product monitoring equipment.

  • Chamber temperature and humidity circular chart recorder.

  • Chamber temperature and humidity digital strip chart recorder.

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