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Environmental Test Chamber
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TetraTek Literature Available for Download

To DOWNLOAD, a selected file "Click" on the item's Hyperlink.

  • TetraTek Products, Inc. Short Form Catalogue.  272K Download.

  • TetraTek TestKing Test Fixtures Literature.  Integrated Product Test Facilities.  346K Download.

  • TetraTek ColdMaster Walk-in Rooms Literature.  Mechanically Cooled Environmental Test Rooms.  145K Download.

  • TetraTek Environmental Test Systems.  Electronic Test Environmental Product Test Facilities.  206 K Download.

  • TetraTek VacTek Cryogenics.  High Vacuum Cryogenic Thermal Shrouds and Systems.  175K Download.

  • TetraTek VibraTek Test Fixtures.  HALT and HAST Vibration Test Accessories.  324K Download.

TetraTek Project Profiles Available for Download

To DOWNLOAD, a selected file "Click" on the item's Hyperlink.

  • Automobile Electronic Engine Control Module Production Test Fixture. 331K Download.

  • Large Multi-axis Positioning Robot.  319K Download.

  • Automobile System Test Room Dual Console Data Acquisition System.  327K Download.

  • Precision Fluid Pressure and Temperature Sensor Housings.  383K Download.

  • Automobile Seat Thermal Simulator.  367K Download.

  • Automobile Calorimeter Data Acquisition System.  347K Download.

  • Automobile System Test Room Data Acquisition System.  544K Download.

  • Aerospace Refrigeration Compressor Calorimeter.  299K Download.

  • Automobile Pressure Cycling System. 517K Download.

  • Automobile Drive-in Emissions Test Facility with Dynamometer, Solar Simulation and 90 mph Wind.  421K Download.

  • Large Scale Servo Controlled Product Positioning System.  266K Download.

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Request TetraTek Files, Manuals and Drawings by E-Mail

Engineering Files, Manuals, and Engineering Drawings in various formats including AutoCAD (please specify the Version of your Software Package).  In many cases 3D CAD files in SAT and STEP format are also available.  Please specify Project Serial Number, Date of Manufacture, and file format desired.  Please submit your request by E-Mail.

Request TetraTek Applications Assistance

If you require assistance in preparing your specifications, you can utilize these forms as check lists or contact us for help in reviewing your problem, process, or application.  There is no charge.

If you fill out the Request for Application Assistance, have digital photos that illustrate your needs, or have a specification you want us to look at, please attach it to your E-Mail.

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